Spain from the Air: How to Travel the Country with a 'Charter' Helicopter

World Aviation Group offers these services, comparable to private jets.

Flying in a private helicopter is a major dream for most of us who consider ourselves travelers. Indeed, seeing the main cities and the breathtaking landscapes of our country from a bird’s-eye view is not just recommended; it’s almost an obligation for anyone with a sense of curiosity and a desire to learn.

However, fulfilling this desire isn’t easy, as there are few charter companies offering helicopter flights. In fact, the country only has eight licenses for commercial flights of this kind. One of these licenses belongs to World Aviation Group, which has bases at airfields in Girona, Madrid (at Cuatro Vientos), and Málaga.

In Málaga, the company is particularly popular, especially among residents and visitors of Marbella who prefer to use this means of transportation to reach their residences or hotels—or really, any desired location, as long as there is a space of at least 30 x 30 meters without obstacles or uneven ground.

Málaga is actually where this company was founded, back in 2010, with the goal of offering high-quality pilot training and specialized aviation services. Between 2011 and 2015, World Aviation Group secured important strategic agreements with companies like Ascari and Air BP, expanding their transportation, supply, and maintenance services beyond Marbella. In 2014, they expanded operations to the Axarquía airfield in Málaga and Platja D’Aro in Girona.

Models and Types of Services

Flights are conducted in the Airbus EC130 B4 and Bell B-429 models, with capacities ranging from three to seven passengers. Travelers fly inside these vehicles with a comfort level comparable to that of a private jet and with high-class services. These include private transportation, tourist activities, sports, and special events. Additionally, the same company manages permits and authorizations for aerial filming, surveillance, aerial advertising, and skydiving, ensuring high-end experiences for their most demanding clients.

When booking the service, clients choose the route, which can be a transfer (one of the star flights is between Marbella and Ibiza) or a pleasure excursion to fly over a specific city. For purely recreational trips, the routes last approximately between 45 minutes and one hour. However, the flight autonomy of these aircraft can reach up to two and a half hours. As for prices, as a reference, the experiences of flying over Málaga range between 900 and 5,000 euros, depending on the duration, route, and number of passengers.


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